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About This Project

The demand for video content has never been higher. The demand for creating videos on a shoestring budget – higher still.

When conceptualising engaging social campaigns, video usually features prominently on the list of requirements. I was recently asked what equipment would be best to produce a video in house – and the answer I gave was simply – ‘whatever the best piece of equipment is that you have available’.

Both of these examples were shot exclusively on and iPhone Pro Max 14 and edited in Adobe premiere.

Most of us carry with us on board camera on our phone’s – that with a little planning and preparation can yield some amazing results.

Does this type of film making replace professional high end videography? Absolutely not. And indeed, a few (not all) of the ‘B roll’ clips that are woven into these videos were shot professionaly.

Much like choosing an appropriate platform for your website – there is a time, a place and appropriate budget that should be allocated to different types of video content – identifying when to deploy each approach is absolutely vital.

I shot, edited and distributed these videos with very short lead times – and I’m very proud of the results.