Planting Works Website

Web Design
About This Project

Originally built in 2016, the planting works website was nearing the end of it’s life in terms of its ability to be adapted to current business needs. Its theme needed an update –  its appearance was in need of a refresh and it required several improvements to both the user and administrative experience.

It was important for the client that her customers were better able to understand the business offering – be able to get in touch easily and that her case studies were given more prominence.

In response, we created a new hero area on the homepage to provide immediate access to a free consultation form. The companies ethos of ‘Design, Transform, Enjoy’ was also pulled out from the logo to form part of the company description.

Each section of the site is now signposted, with relevant descriptions, and improvements to the case studies ensured more consistent sizing across her images – with project descriptions we-written and expanded to provide more information.

Overall styling was simplified, with fewer colours used, better laid out copy and better forms to ensure that client enquiries come through with as much relevant information as possible.